‘AndroEar’ is an Android application for the hearing impaired, who account for the world’s population by 10 percent, which has been developed by two students of Srinivas Institute of Technology, Jaseem Abbas and Jose baby of 8th semester Computer Science, under the guidance of Prof. Shivkumar G S, Head of the department and with the support of Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D, Principal of the college.
According to the developers, presently there are no applications in the Google Store that are for the hearing impaired and disabled in general.
The application provides a set of innovative functionalities, of which the important one being the facility to convert from text to speech and from speech to text making it easy for the hearing impaired to communicate. The application allows quick switch between both the conversion modes. Another innovative idea is to provide a ‘hearing test’ using which the user gets an idea of what his hearing capacity is.
The application also provides the user with the facility of automated messages to be sent in case of emergency to a set of predefined numbers (for instance, to the police, dependents), notifying them of the landed trouble and of the user’s current location on earth. This can be done by just shaking the device a couple of times. The application contains a set of inspirational quotes which encourage the physically challenged.
The application has the capacity to inform the user if someone is trying to call or alert the person by whistling by ‘whistle detection’. It also provides links to blogs and community sites dedicated to the physically challenged and specifically the hearing impaired .Finally, the application comes preloaded with a few videos teaching the ‘Hand Gesture’ communication method. AndroEar also provides the provision of future development and a separate stand alone section does the job. This section already has ‘Leave Mail’ in it, a handy leave application mail writer included in view of the limited versatility or expertise of the disabled in such areas.
This project won the 1st place in the state level CSI Students Convention held at Reva Institute of Technology, Bangalore and also it has got the sponsorship from Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology (KSCST), Bangalore.
The President of A Shama Rao Foundation Sri CA A Raghavendra Rao and Vice President Sri A Srinivas Rao congratulated and appreciated the students effort.