Android Health Care Project

Android health care project
Android health care ‘ is smartphone based Android appli cation that provides a smart solution to all
common heath problems. It has been developed by four students of Srinivas Institute Of Technology,
Sachin Dev, Ajith Ts, Asharali V.U and Binesh B of 8th semester computer science .The project has
been developed under the guidance of Mr.Alwyn Edison Mendonza. According to the developers of the
application, there are no applications which provide all the heath care features together in the Android
platform store .
This application is designed in such a way that it has a simple user interface and provides a wide range
of functionalities which include ,blood pressure analysis using a smartphone camera which measures
body blood pressure of patient or the user
The application also provides the facility of measuring sugar content in blood ,and alerts the user about
his health conditions. Also if the application detects any abnormality in the user’s body it sends an sms
to alert the family members or a family doctor about the user’s health.
Even the application provides the user a smart way to identify how healthier he is using Body Mass
Index calculation and if any abnormality is found , the application automatically sends an sms to a
family doctor .
Another important feature of this application is that the application reminds the user about the tablets
to be consu1ned on time by an alarm along with leaving a notification on the screen.
Another innovative feature of this application is that, It locates the nearest hospitals and lists the
hospitals in the city including the distance, time required to reach the hospital concerned along with a
route-map with regard to the users’ location.

The application can be thought of as a complete heath care android application that provides necessary
information of all common diseases based on symptoms along with the first aid measures.The app
also provides information on common drugs to be consumed by a person depending on whether the
user is male, female or a child .
Android Health Care literally is paving way for a new approach of dealing with human ailments by
utilizing the best of today’s technologies.