MOU BETWEEN SRINIVAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & WIPRO More opportunities for Employment & Research

Wipro Mission 10x
Wipro Mission 10X technology learning center was inaugurated at Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore on 6th June, 2014. An MOU was signed between Srinivas Institute of Technology & WIPRO during the event. Signed document was exchanged by Sri A Srinivas Rao, Vice President, A Shama Rao Foundation & Sri Hemachandra Bhat, Wipro Technologies.
The center was inaugurated by Mr. Hemachandra Bhat, Group Head, UTLP, Wipro, Bangalore. In his inaugural address Mr. Hemachandra Bhat emphasized on applying right things at right time. He said a real engineer first understands the situation, look for several alternatives, and finally apply the knowledge to solve any problem. In this aspect communication and collaboration are essential. Mr. Bhat told that the center has been established to cater the needs of the industry and encourage students and faculty to do innovative and complex projects.
In his presidential address Sri. A Srinivas Rao advised the students and faculty to make full utilization of the center. He insisted the advance in technology is the need of the day and is essential for India to become strong nation.
Mr. Veerappaji, Manager, Academic Relations, Wipro, Bangalore explained the objectives, activities and features of the center. He told that the center is one of the 50 centers established in India and 9 centers in Karnataka.
Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya Principal of the institute welcomed the gathering and explained the objectives of setting the center at SIT. Dr. Anilloy Frank, Convener of the center proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Marina C and Ms. Aishwarya Prasad compeered the program.